Tuesday, December 29, 2009

get your Thyroid Glands checked

There are 2 tests(or more) that you can take with a simple blood test to see if your thyroid gland is working properly. I advise doing this especially if you are over 30 to 35 as it is so common for people to be having thyroid problems after this stage of life and if it is treated early it doesn't have to ruin your whole life. I didn't get tested until I was 58 and not doing so trashed many aspects of my life from 35 to 58 including a possibly unnecessary divorce involving 4 children.

So, if you can get checked(relatively inexpensive) I advice it.

Some of the symptoms are depression, confusion, not being able to get warm, lack of circulation in extremities, heart beat is all over the place, susceptibility to infections and all sorts of other things.

Before I got my thyroid checked at age 58 I expected to lose any quality of life and likely die by 65. However, now I am 61 and as long as my dose of Armour Thyroid(no side affects at all with this medicine) is the right dose for that moment in time I feel a lot mentally like I did at age 20 to 30. I still have the aches and pains of my age but mentally I feel fit again.

I also believe that the Heart virus I got around age 50 that I almost died from was partially enabled by not having my thyroid glands working properly.

The two diseases that are sure to mess you up psychologically and depression wise are unbalanced thyroid and diabetes. It can be extremely difficult to make good decisions with either of these diseases if they are untreated and in the case of diabetes this lack of ability to make good decisions can often lead to losing limbs or a fatality.

Even though there isn't much chance of a fatality from Thyroid the damage it does is through confusion and depression and extreme hormonal imbalance, feeling cold and unwell a lot of the time and the inability to make good and useful decisions in a timely manner.

Getting treated and on the right dosage of a thyroid medicine like Armour Thyroid which I prefer doesn't solve all the problems in your life but at least you then have the ability to begin to make better decisions and to have the possibility of happiness in your life.

So, If any of the symptoms I listed are yours or even not, if you can afford it get your thyroid checked with a simple blood test.

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