Friday, December 25, 2009

Sherlock Holmes: The Movie

Sherlock Holmes was a different movie than I expected. However, Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law did a remarkable job of playing off each other as buddies as both are cosummate actors. I liked the movie but it was at times darker than I expected. But there were also many somewhat humorous moments as well. One got the feeling that one was in a strange way dealing with 19th Century "Big Bang Theory" compatriots at times. Robert Downey Jr. fulfilled the audiences need to see Sherlock Holmes as a genius, neurotic, violent and at times self destructive English Gentleman. At times one wondered whether Sherlock Holmes and Watson might be bi-sexual or whether that was just an illusion as both have female paramours during the movie. So, one is left with the possiblity than almost anything is possible with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson having recently returned from a war appears to be an adrenaline junky(He likes excitement!)
And Sherlock Holmes seems to be on the edge of suicide and possible drug addiction whenever he doesn't have an investigation case to work on.

Sherlock Holmes played by Robert Downey Jr. is probably the most complex and accurate portrayal yet attempted according to the original books from the 19th Century. So if you are a Sherlock Holmes or mystery fan don't miss the latest Sherlock Holmes!

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