Tuesday, December 15, 2009

May All Beings Attain Bliss

I see all prayer as a tool just like a car, a shovel, a computer, or a hammer and nails to use to accomplish a worthy goal. Understanding this way of thinking the following will make ultimate sense to you.

I realized that the first prayer I give when I wake up most morning is the prayer that is given to invoke permanent bliss for all beings in the universe, and what it means to me and how ultimately practical this prayer is.

First of all, words are POWER. What you invoke with words you bring into your life and consciousness for good or ill. Understanding this is a form of ultimate wisdom and is the key to your ultimate success or failure as a soul whether you are in a body or not.

So, when I discovered this prayer when I was about 33 years old I could analyze it from a lifetime of my parents teaching me about the full power of words and prayers and I could look at it both from wisdom, compassion and scientific design of my future and the future of all beings in the universe.

First let me give you the full prayer and then I will break it down into what it all means to me.

May all beings attain bliss and the cause of bliss
May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all beings never be without the supreme bliss that is free from all
near or far all grasping and aversion

If you are an aspiring Bodhisattva after giving this prayer three times you seal it with:

BY this merit may I become like all the Buddhas and Bodisattvas of the Ten directions and the three times---

I have found this particular prayer more useful and powerful in helping all beings in the universe in the past, the present and the future than any other single prayer I have found that is usefully given and empowered by millions and millions of beings every day.

So, now let me share what this prayer actually means to me:

May all beings attain bliss and the cause of bliss

What this means is that by saying this you are having compassion on all beings no matter what they have done and that as souls you wish for them to have bliss even if there actions and thoughts are so heinous that God will give them the second death, the death of their soul. Still, you advocate Bliss and hope for them. By doing this you also forgive yourself for all the very bad things you may have done in any lifetime past, present or future. This heals not only all beings by saying, feeling or thinking this, it heals you in the past, present and future of your soul. If you are evolved enough in consciousness to realize you already are everywhere in the past, present or future then you can actually experience the healing of souls everywhere in the past, present and future as you give this prayer each time. The feeling of peace and the ending of suffering is complete soul Bliss.

May All beings be free from Suffering and the cause of Suffering

In this you pray for the suffering of all kinds to cease through right perception of all life forms in the universe. For you know, as a soul that the primary cause of suffering is always perceptual and not physical. For the physical always follows the perceptual. So, by understanding the true nature of the universe all suffering begins to permanently cease right then.

Many teachers say, "Everyone is already enlightened all they have to do is to realize it!" It is as simple as removing the perceptual veil. Experience enlightenment. It is yours. Take it. Be it!

May all beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is free from all near and far all grasping and aversion.

If you feel in any way that you do not have what you want it will bring you suffering. If you feel you are not with your beloved it will bring you suffering. If you are experiencing something you don't want it will bring you suffering. By realizing every moment you are actually with your beloved it takes away the sting. Suffering is therefore wrong perception of reality. By perceiving the reality that you want as ever present one takes away all suffering.

So, that does not mean one is unrealistic. NO. One still sees the world as it is. However, one also understands that all health, happiness, and enlightenment is perceptual at the same time. By realizing this more and more one's suffering diminishes every day one practices compassionate right mindful thought.

Since the reality is that there is only really one being in the universe of which all beings are like the brightly shining facets of this one diamond it can be very easy to experience oneself as the whole diamond as well as the brightly shining facet of the diamond as well because both things are always true.

The following is for more experienced prayers:

By this merit may I become like all the Buddhas and Bodhisatvas of the ten directions and the three times.

The ten directions is a way to navigate space whether as a soul or in a space traveling vehicle like a space ship or a UFO.

The three times are the Past, Present, and the Future.

The Buddhas and the Bodhisatvas are beings like Guatama Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, and all the Saints of all religions. So when you seal the prayer you are asking to be just like Jesus, Krishna and all the Buddhas of the ten directions and the three times everywhere throughout the universe in all times and spaces.

When one first experiences the whole universe and all time and space as oneself it is a pretty heady experience so always be ready to be just a facet of the diamond as well because both are always true in every moment, past, present and future.

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