Saturday, December 5, 2009

Are we alone?

The latest National Geographic caught my eye (it has a cover with a planet with the words "Are We Alone?" on it) and it got my thinking about a Time Space drive and how if one activated a time space drive(that would operate like in Stargate the series) one or a group could avoid being sterilized by rocket based space travel. This seemed so obvious to me. Because all our Astronauts or the Astronauts of any country that go into space know that they never will father or mother a child(depending if they are male or female) ever again once they go into space through rocket propulsion.(They can still try to biologically father or mother a child they just won't ever be successful because of Cosmic Rays).

So, the way to move from planet to planet with colonists(the easy way would be from time space travel) and this could be done from the surface of this planet instantly to the surface of another planet.

You might think this is pie in the sky but if someone can soul travel to another planet and Sai Baba can not only soul travel but manifest another physical body when he soul travels then it is likely a technology can be developed on earth to instantly travel from Earth to another planet's surface and begin colonization there.

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