Monday, December 7, 2009

Compassion 12-7-09

Some may think some of my articles are callous because I have spoken of seeing a lot of weather changes creating starvation over the last 10 years or so. If you could see a potential accident in a car or bus you were driving in or a passenger in, wouldn't you try to get people to listen to you before you and all of them died? This is the position I'm in as a proven intuitive and precognitive psychic.

And I must say just because I know what is coming a lot of the time it doesn't make me any more emotionally capable than you would be of knowing what I know. The only good thing about it is often I can help save some lives in the process by sharing what I see coming.

Though everyone around me has seen many of my predictions come true, it isn't easy for them either. How would you like to live with someone who knows what is coming a lot of the time, especially if something dangerous is coming? However, they have all gotten used to me being right a lot. So when I say something might happen they have learned that it might and so they take precautions.

There was the time that I knew my wife's mother was dying and since I knew I might die too, this was an especially onerous decision of whether to tell my wife or not as doctors hadn't diagnosed this condition yet in her. And I didn't know what was wrong with her I only knew she was dying. I knew because the auric egg around her was empty of emotion and spirit. So it would be like one of those eggshells you suck all the insides of the egg out of an then paint it and keep it for years. She was like that all the spirit was already gone and just her mind and disciplines remained.

Finally, even though I might have been dying also then on Thanksgiving 1998 when we visited her mother I told my wife and she got hysterical and told me she would leave me if I ever spoke of this again and told me to shut up about it. Since I wanted to stay married I shut up after that. But 2 months later her mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. She was gone by April 1999.

I'm just trying to share that being compassionate isn't always easy or even useful at times when you have gifts like mine. What do you do? Do you share things if it will save people's lives or not? Usually, if it prevents an accident or prevents maiming I will just redirect people so they aren't where the accident was going to happen. This way I don't have to tell them anything. But in the case of my wife's mother I was going to get yelled at either way. It didn't matter I was right. I did what I thought was best and got yelled at.

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