Sunday, December 27, 2009

Of Arcane and Silver

I just finished writing 2035(which if it is still December 2009 you should still be able to click on among my December 2009 articles easily. If not click on 2009 and then december if it is delineated that way. If not, try this.

2035 is about a reclusive young computer, robotic and software genius who is also rich to begin with with basically unlimited funds to finance his research into whatever he is interested in. He sort of becomes a new Thomas Edison in his field.

2037 is about one of the many biological changes coming that will see humans easily become 100 to 500 years old while still being physically and mentally functional like most 30 year olds.

Both of these short stories are based upon my being an intuitive and precognitive psychic. There will be many many more innovations like these ones coming very fast at us all that likely will enable many of us to live very long and to prevent Global Climate Change from extincting mankind within the next 500 to 1000 years.

Though our future is dangerous it is potentially solvable for some of us. Likely the world population of humans will reduce dramatically from heat and the chaos of weather. What I'm writing about is some of the ways mankind will find to survive and even prosper in these chaotic times now and coming.

In 2035 we see Silver with money and Nannies and a cook living in a New York Penthouse looking out over Central Park. He is born there and never leaves there until he is 16. And as strange as this may be to you, money can allow this sort of thing to happen. In the process though it makes him very eccentric, it also allows his full genius to flourish unchecked by siblings beating him up or peers beating him up or frightening him. So his genius is left free even though his body is imprisoned by his own fears and panic attacks to his large top of the building penthouse overlooking Central Park for his first 16 years.

However, if one wants to see intuitive genius one looks to a Saint figure in Arcane(Saint Germain), one of the 200,000 native human souls of earth. But Arcane was actually born about 1 million years into the future on a future colony of Earth humans of today. Though they have interbred with other humanoids that left earth to colonize other planets in the last several million years, he saves his planet from destruction but then because he became too powerful as a saint of his people was asked to leave so his people wouldn't be afraid of him. However, he joins the Galactic Time Guard and is sent to Earth as a Galactic Anthropologist of Earth. In the process of being a Time Traveling Galactic Anthropologist he is taught by Eridian the lead Elder of Light Beings of Earth 1 million years in the future to become Saint Germain. So Arcane and Earth Soul born to the planet New Deva returns as a Time Traveler to become Saint Germain to save the souls of Earth from Extinction by Nuclear Weapons, Global Climate Change or anything else. In this way he keeps Earth's ecology intact for future humans to incarnate here to evolve as souls the way souls do.

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