Friday, December 4, 2009

Soul Travel

Beginning Soul Travel- When I first started Soul TRaveling consciousnessly and entered this new conscious paradigm I was college age. In this paradigm one experiences that a human body is a vehicle and that the soul is the real self. So one views ones body like a very valuable irreplaceable like car that one gets in to drive around Earth. But one in this new paradigm realizes also that one can get out of ones car and go places also just as a soul if one knows what one is doing. And under some circumstances it is safe to do so.

Advanced Soul Travel- After ten years of traveling all over earth, our Solar System, especially, Earth, Venus and into the Sun and through the Sun direct to the Center of our Galaxy and then to the edge of our Galaxy and past I found myself terrified by being out alone past the edge of the Galaxy. Reality as I knew it in the Galaxy did not exist but only the Void exists which has a different nature and so I recoiled from soul travel for a while until I met my first Tibetan Lama. At that point I understood automatically what the void was and I could then go anywhere fearlessly after that.

Advanced Soul Travel is not really traveling at all. After ten years of soul traveling or more I came to realize that neither time nor space nor place is what we think it is and I realized I already was anywhere I believed I was. Therefore any time or place was more easily reached by just realizing I already was there. So no traveling is involved at all, one simply understands the true nature of the universe which is not at all what most people think it is and one is there in any time or space that is desirable for a soul to be. However, without being somewhat or completely enlightened this is not a safe place to be. However, if you realize you are the universe and the universe is you completely and can deal with that ongoing at least while you are in your soul places then you will be okay. If not, you won't be okay. So, don't attempt Advanced Soul Travel unless you actually know and experience that you are capable of it. Remember even as an experienced soul traveler it took me ten years or more to get to the place where I could do this. It is like the difference between a beginning surfer and someone who surfs at Makaha on 25 foot waves. There really is a difference. So be careful.

Another interesting thing that I learned after about 10 years of conscious soul travel or more when I was in my 30s. I learned that all enlightened beings are in alignment and are conscious of each other in the universe. To an enlightened person there is only now--- right here and right now--- Time and space is no barrier at all to an enlightened being. So a truly enlightened being is in conscious contact and awareness with every(trillions and trillions and trillions) of enlightened beings throughout the past, present and future of the universe!!! I found this realization completely astounding. I had heard about this growing up from my parents but it wasn't until I experienced it during my 30s that I finally understood just how powerful this is.

It took me about 24 hours of being so terrified I thought I was going to die and then realizing I never needed to be afraid about anything regarding my soul again. So there is an initiatory experience when you are invited into this "Infinite alignment of enlightened beings" consciously. But one usually (in most cases) needs to be a mature adult with impeccable motivations and actions to be invited in. Otherwise one would die when they aligned in this way.

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