Thursday, December 3, 2009


Civilization came to be out of necessity and out of survival. Those that didn't value civilization are long dead now mostly. Every generation tests the bounds of civilization because to them it all seems pretty cumbersome. But as one ages one usually begins to experience the full value of civilization and of civilizing factors.

It exists to help us all survive primarily. So we teach our children from the time they are babies the value of socialization and in the children. And in the children that not only learn but who are able to actually benefit from civilization we then get actual adult civilized people. Does that mean everyone becomes civilized. Unfortunately, the answer is no. For, belief in civilization is a learned thing and we learn it for good or ill every time we interact in any way with anyone. The beginning of civilization starts at home and if parents or mentors of children don't honor the children in their care then there is always the danger that that child or children will never become civilized and will have to one day either become incarcerated or put down(executed).

For civilizations by there very nature cannot allow uncivilized people to roam free and create havoc among the civilized.

So, I would say the most important thing for parents to remember is to train your children to be polite but also to help them see the true value of civilization so that they also see the value of teaching their children the merits of civilization as well. And so on and so on.

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