Saturday, December 5, 2009

Purple Delta 7 December 5th 09


Purple Delta 7 replaced the motorcycle she had been pretending to be and the Sargent who had been maintaining an awareness as the electricity in the Battery of the motorcycle manifested as he normally is as a plasma being only to protect the physical world from the plasma from a sun that he is he wore a force field to protect anything he touched from melting or catching fire. They had agreed that they wanted to talk to Jonathan.

Jonathan sat at his Imac Computer writing as writing is one of his hobbies. Purple spoke first. "Jonathan?" "Yes?" Jonathan said. Purple then said, "May the Sargent and I speak with you a moment?" Jonathan said, "Of course, Purple. Hi Sargent. What is on your minds?"

Purple wanted to make Jonathan feel comfortable so she appeared as his mother looked in 1954 when he was 6 and lived in Tujunga, California. This only made Jonathan feel like crying because his Mom had been gone just over a year now. However, he knew this was just Purple's way of trying to make him feel comfortable so he didn't say anything.

Purple Mom said, "We want to speak to you about how afraid people now are on earth. We went back through time and observed fear levels during the Cuban Missile Crisis and back to World War II to gauge fear responses and even though those fear responses were superficially worse than now, the fear in people now is much more insidious worldwide."

"And though it is less of a problem the more someone is educated and has enough wealth to actually survive most things that are and could happen, as one moves down the education scale and the money scale things are getting more and more serious worldwide and all it will take is a spark to set people off. We are not only concerned about the world, we are also concerned about you."

Jonathan looked at them and said, "I feel it too. However, unless some of us humans speak the truth it is possible all civlization, all culture and all technology could be gone within 1000 years."

This time the Sargent spoke, "Jonathan. We understand all this but it is our charge our duty from the Galactic Sentience and from His Oneness of Lemuria, the Time Lord of Earth now for over 40,000 years to protect you. How should we proceed?"

Jonathan looked at them and felt sort of stupid. They were warning him that things in the world were close to spinning out of control on multiple fronts and were consulting him about it. He didn't really know what to say. So he said, "I have never done jobs like yours before in this lifetime. Though I am a precognitive psychic and intuitive I purposely never trained in any martial arts first because I'm 6 feet 4 1/2 inches tall and very strong and always have been and also because when I was young I had quite a temper and felt it unwise to train my body to be physically lethal. Instead I use my abilities to anticipate problems and so chose alternatives instead."

"So, I can't really recommend a path for you unless it is like mine. I recommend that you speak with His Oneness and then His Oneness could consult with the Galactic Sentience because I have no idea what you should do. I perceive the universe completely different than both of you."

Purple interrupted and said, "Do you sense that you are in danger?"
Jonathan said, "I'm not in physical danger."

Purple said, "Is the world in danger?"
Jonathan said,"It's getting pretty crazy but I don't know what is going to happen but I sense the frustration of so many. People of my era aren't used to being this frustrated. I haven't felt this kind of frustration on Earth since the Viet Nam War. However, I think people all realize we are in a difficult situation so everyone is being as patient as they are capable of. So, we all know we are in a survival situation worldwide."

Purple said, "Then what do you think will happen?"
Jonathan said, "Actually, I'm hopeful that people might find a way because of the pressure to move forward. After all, 'Necessity is the mother of invention'.

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