Sunday, December 20, 2009

Earth's Egg of Life

I experience the Earth and all upon it much like the Na'vi in Avatar do. This has been both good and bad in my life but mostly it has been strange to grow up in America experiencing life in this way because it definitely was not the accepted way in the 1950s when I was a boy. However, my grandmother was from Scotland and had a Celtic-Christian point of view. So if you combine Chistianity with Merlin you get the idea. It is much like people in Mexico, Central and South America combine native beliefs with Catholicism. I guess it is sort of like that and always has been for at least 1000 years for my relatives. My mother was a green eyed fey full blooded scot born in America. She sang like an opera singer but without training. She could fully put forth her love of God and Earth through her voice and bring tears to anyone's eyes.

Though I am only half Scottish and half Swiss German since my ancestors came to the East Coast during the 1720s to the U.S. I also have the green eyes of a Seer. And Growing up until the age of about 30 it was both a blessing and a curse at the same time. By age 32 everything came into balance by meeting the right teachers in the U.S. and India and Nepal so that I stopped being afraid of my gifts at all. I came to see my gifts as only God's gifts as God's Grace and became strong and fearless as God had always intended for me to be on his behalf.

There are many different kinds of forms of life and I have come over time to experience and understand all or most of them. Obviously, it is easier for me to understand humans and mammals and birds and trees, I really love trees because their love when truly given is the most unconditional I have ever experienced by any physical being of earth.

I often think if more people understood trees and went to them they wouldn't take all the drugs they do, especially city people. For country trees aren't overburdened like city trees are with all the pains internal and external of humans. So country trees if they are friendly and like humans can take all your pain so no one really needs to take illegal (or legal) drugs to escape. All our ancestors once understood this. Only relatively recently has this been forgotten by so many.

During my lifetime the world population has grown from 1 or 2 billion to the present day almost 7 billion. During this time the plant and animal life has suffered incredibly and many plant and animal species have gone extinct. This creates a different kind of experience for all life on earth. However, for someone like myself it can be especially painful because someone like me experiences not only all the births but all the deaths of humans and plants and animals all the time. Almost always if I know the human or animal they come to me either as they are passing or after passing to ask my advice of what to do if they have come to trust me as a friend or trusted relative. I always share whatever I safely can. Some beings are too scared or panicked at first and I must protect myself at first but usually most beings within a few weeks or months begin to figure their way and are okay. Only people who die unexpectedly or violently tend to be in this category. However, most settle down and are okay and find peace.

Plants are different and I believe that since a plant(especially a tree) if it dies tends to die slowly and so experience everything completely differently than humans do. So from plant spirits to plants and back to plant spirits is its own but related evolution to humans as they live in bodies on earth. Whereas human souls can come from anywhere, anytime, any galaxy or almost any dimension. And most have been many places before they arrive here. That is what makes humans so interesting because almost all of us are multidimensional and multi-galactic souls. There are only a few hundred thousand souls on earth that are actually native to earth as human souls.

When people say to me "How can you allow yourself to see and feel all this all the time?"
But for me, that is like saying: "I won't open my eyes when I'm outside because the light hurts my eyes."

If someone said that to you, you might laugh at them for saying this. However, this is what most people do every day because opening your spiritual eyes in the way I'm speaking would be as painful for most people as getting up in a darkened room and walking immediately outside into a noonday sun. For me, it is exactly the same thing. So, to avoid this pain I have found it easier to keep my eyes open 24 hours a day because it really would be too painful to open my spiritual eyes now. (It likely might cause my death if I hadn't opened my eyes and kept them open as a child and young adult throughout my life. (61 years).

I believe that having one's spiritual eyes open now and learning to make yourself sunglasses when it really gets bright is the only way to drive your car(your physical body) and survive the next few centuries. This is the only way I see to stay alive. The alternative is to have someone(friend or family member) who can see clearly who is balanced and who has common sense. These are the two ways to make sure some of your friends and family survive what is coming.

The Earth is the womb of our life. Without her we have no bodies. Out in space we cannot reproduce. So until we learn to travel space without becoming unable to reproduce Earth must be our home.

People who want to evolve as souls and leave en masse from earth must realize that it is also God's plan that some remain here on earth in a New Eden.

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