Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I think getting anymore than we have this time out of well over 100 nations with different needs, wants and aspirations just wasn't realistic to begin with. Demonstrators causing problems I don't think really helped either other than to more fully focuse the attention on the problem by panicking the world populace even more than they already are on this subject, especially nations being destroyed right now by the problem like island nations in the Pacific Ocean and Bangladesh as well as many coastal Inuit small towns and villages and inland problems with melting permafrost.

I think humans are just now beginning to feel the real pinch and sting of global climate change. Though people are starting to actually die from droughts and bad water and water shortages in Africa, Asia, and even in Australia, much of the world in the U.S., Europe and China is less affected in real time by all the changes on earth. So, it is easy for some of them to say, "This isn't affecting me or mine so therefore Global Climate Change must not be real. Unfortunately, this is in the end just sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich and avoiding the real problems and real data.

Even if it isn't right now affecting you personally, people's myopic points of view will come back one day to bite them as the relatives and friends of the people dying on earth right now and in the recent past and future become more and more angry in a variety of ways.

In some ways it really doesn't matter at all what happens in Copenhagen because the anger of the people of the world is going to get more shrill and out of control by the day. It is in the nature of humans to be like this when something is seriously wrong like, drought or flood when so many different people are affected.

I am getting more and more worried for the human race as problems grow. Because if and as they are not dealt with, anger from all nations can only grow and grow. I'm worried that this problem won't be dealt with in a useful way before riots become more and more commonplace worldwide.

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