Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Creation Story

If each of us look deep enough into our lives we discover our own Creation Stories. Though the Creation story of your religion(if you have one) can be fulfilling, it can also give deeper meaning to one's life to discover one's own personal creation story.

I was growing wheat grass sprouts and went out with the hand crank juicer(wheat grass like you get in Jamba Juice outlets) and juiced some wheat grass into the green chlorophyll it comes out as. But as I drank it right next to the wheat grass sprouts I heard "We become one with you as you drink us. You are Avatar to the Creator." This had more significance to me after listening to the director of the movie "Avatar" on Charlie Rose on PBS on TV yesterday.

So I thought I would share my personal creation story. It has taken most of my life to understand and to tell this story. And each time I tell it I find it is better and clearer than before.

The story began when I was driving to Mt. Shasta, California from San Francisco about 20 years ago. It was late at night and I was near Redding on Interstate 5. The stars were out in force above me because at that time there was little ground light obscuring the Stars except for the few car and truck headlights near midnight while I drove.

I began to speak with a being of the Stars and the being told me my Creation story. Later when I checked I realized it was not just a story but also the way things actually are.

There is a race of beings that I call "The Creators". I call them this because they actually create Galaxies out of Dark Matter in order to feed on the energy moving toward matter and the energy moving toward antimatter. So, to the Creators, a Galaxy is a food source. The source being the energy in transit from dark matter to matter and from dark matter to antimatter. They live billions of years and are energy based beings themselves. So they don't need air, water, or a planet to live on.

I think the Greek Pantheon of Zeus and all was based upon contacts with them by the ancients. However, they are not mythical they are actual. And they can incarnate when they want to or need to as humans. I believe beings like Jesus and Buddha and others are incarnations of these Billions of years old beings. If you don't then that's fine with me. For why should you unless you have had an experience like I have.

I have written off and on about these beings including a present day being I call the "Galactic Sentience" who is the Grandson of the Creator of this Galaxy who actually runs the Galactic Government. Since they cannot be killed this is convenient for the Galaxy. If they die they die of boredom from being alive so long. One of the ways the really old Creators renew is to reincarnate as humans to experience mortality. Nothing perks up an old Creator like believing he or she is going to die.(Even though they can't really die from anything except boredom.

So, often they take incarnation on Earth and other planets in our galaxy as humans and other types of beings to extend their long long long lives. All galaxies are created and maintained by this race of Creators that sprang from Dark Matter which is the essence of all matter and antimatter in the universe. I think dark matter isn't a good term by the way. I think the word "Primal Sea" would be a better term than Dark matter but what I'm aware of isn't generally known yet by scientists. Eventually, I believe they will be able to prove what I'm talking about now.

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