Monday, December 7, 2009


As a life long intuitive I have never felt such frustration on planet earth since I was born as I do right now from all life on earth. In plants one can see it by plants blooming not once but often several times during the year. This is a reaction to potential extinction. Plants are easy to observe. Wild animals for most people are much harder to observe enough to make any sense of their behaviors.

However, among people you can see it in their eyes, the hopelessness, or if there still is hope there, the struggle to maintain a sense of hope. In our young people and soldiers it is easy to see in the ever rising suicide rates worldwide. Without hope of a good education like we are experiencing here in California suicide rates are likely to rise in relation to the lack of college level public education beyond Community Colleges and even in Community Colleges the courses and the teachers have been cut dramatically.

Hopefully, our California students and students from other states and countries will take advantage of private colleges in California and the U.S. to take up the slack. And hopefully, our California UC and CSU public college system will be back within 5 or 10 years to what they once were before all the cancelled courses and the laying off of professors, assistant professors and TAs etc. Hopefully, there will be a way back.

But as an intuitive it is not just about California and its problems, the whole world is in distress. I think enough scientists and researchers now can trace this recession back to droughts and difficult to obtain oil reserves and extreme Global Climate Changes these last 10 years so there is no doubt among most of us on earth that we are in for it almost no matter what we do as humans now. I think most of us sense that many will starve before we come out the other side of this in 2nd and 3rd world nations as well as many in 1st world nations the way this thing is looking now.

The recovery is moving too slowly for the millions that won't make it even this year and the next. This is a given. Don't forget to pray for the millions who won't make it worldwide.

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