Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spiraling Russian Rocket Jettisoning fuel?

This is Conjecture.
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If the light show over Norway isn't a spiraling rocket jettisoning fuel then what other things could it be. First of all, if you saw the movie of it on NBC with Brian Wilson, then you saw something that looks a little like a miniature spiral galaxy spinning with a blue smoke or fire coming out of it. If you have ever seen what water vapor can do on the wing of a jet fighter maneuvering at high speed then at high speed lots of strange things happen.

However, another explanation is that some kind of vortex opened for a while. And if it is not a (spiraling Russian Rocket jettisoning fuel) then it is some other kind of technology possibly relating to inter dimensional travel. As in maybe there is a Russian rocket that can take off as a rocket and then go inter dimensional to its destination. Such a vehicle would be important in colonizing other worlds if people here thought that humans here might not survive very long here(as in 50 to 500 years). So, like in 2012 arks would be built to take some of mankind to repopulate other worlds.

As an intuitive I believe this has happened at least 3 times before and possibly as many as 7 times or more. I believe at this point that what could happen is similar to "The Day After Tomorrow" in that when the ice cap or caps melt along with all glaciers in mountain ranges within the next 10 to 20 years the oceans then heat up because white ice and snow reflect solar heat whereas blue or green water absorbs it so the oceans heat up quite quickly once all glaciers and ice cap(s) are gone. But then everything shifts because heated oceans create clouds and rain and the heat creates giant winds and storms and then creates finally a potential ice age. I believe that it is actually the ice ages that have killed off previous technological civilizations of humans on earth. And only colonists sent to other planets have maintained technology more than 12,000 to 25,000 years which is a normal period between ice ages.

Obviously, all this is conjecture. But as an intuitive this feels like the way things actually have been in the past. And so, this is very likely in our future as well.
Cave men and women anyone?
Atom smasher catches 1st high energy collisions in above web article

Another idea would be that this Norway incident could be a natural physical reaction to the Hadron Collider. Anomalies such is these might be expected in different parts of Earth given what the Hadron Collider does. It might be worth researching.

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