Monday, December 21, 2009

Copenhagen and The Global extreme Weather War

When someone says to me Global Climate Change it sounds to me like someone changing their underwear. It is not a call to action. For a call to action as humans we need to have a war. We can relate to war for survival. It is very primal and even necessary at times.

So, I propose that we call this what it is: A WAR FOR HUMAN SURVIVAL TO PREVENT EVENTUAL EXTINCTION. For that is what it really is.

So, I propose that we call it what it is: THE GLOBAL EXTREME WEATHER WAR . . .

By calling it what it really is: A war for our survival as humans on earth we can then mobilize for this war.

It is not a war against any humans. It is a war FOR our survival as humans on Earth.

Another thing. When I think of Obama, The European Union, Japan, Brazil, India and China and the few other nations that can be self sufficient on Earth, I think of how their behavior looked a lot like Triage did in the movie "Pearl Harbor" with Ben Affleck. If you imagine that each soldier coming in was a country on earth and each country that was injured so far was marked with and "F" for fatal or an "M" for morphine or another designation that hospital technicians use in mass casualty emergencies, then I think the world now sees that nations that can take care of themselves by themselves are likely to survive the next 50 years. Those that aren't self sufficient have already been marked "F" by the countries that are self sufficient.

It is not that the wealthy countries have completely given up on the rest. It is that for the wealthy countries to even survive what researchers foresee they must each struggle for the survival of their own people. Triage is here internationally.

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