Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The concept:The universe in a single Atom

Especially between the ages of 10 and 25 often friends and I would discuss things like "The universe in a single atom". Many of us always sensed that our galaxy was just a particle in a much larger world. For example, Our galaxy might be a molecule in a blade of grass in a much larger universe. Likewise, many of us felt that inside every atom was possibly a duplicate universe of every other atom and miniature us might be in our galaxy as a teenie little particle in every atom in the universe only much much smaller than we are now. Of course time and space would function much differently at this level either larger or smaller. But in the end many of us felt this tied in with the basic synchronicity of everything. So, literally EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE is interconnected in trillions or more ways.

Even though it might boggle the mind to think this way and even though it might not be possible to ever prove this theory right or wrong, there is a symmetry to it that makes more sense than anything else i have heard on the subject. Even when I soul traveled and got very good at this, after 10 years of traveling this galaxy and beyond I realized I was already anywhere and anywhen I wanted to be as a soul, which for me only increased the possibility exponentially that my original thesis was correct.

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