Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The U.S. Issue at Copenhagen

quote from "UN climate negotiators look to U.S. for Fresh Ideas" at yahoo news

"To pass a bill, we must be able to assure a senator from Ohio that steelworkers in his state won't lose their jobs to India and China because those countries are not participating in a way that is measurable, reportable and verifiable," Kerry said. "Every American — indeed, I think all citizens — need to know that no country will claim an unfair advantage." end quote.

I think this is the problem of Copenhagen in a nutshel. U.S. negotiators have absolutely NO Authority to authorize any agreement that doesn't legally bind all participants and allow legal verification. Without this, there WILL BE NO agreement with the U.S.

This is because only with the consent of Congress can it be legally binding to the U.S. in any way shape or form because of the way our laws both protect and define us as a nation.

Though demonstrators want the moon it cannot be without clearly defined agreements that can then be accepted by Congress. Otherwise it just isn't going to happen!

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