Sunday, December 27, 2009

maglev cars and trucks using hybrid electric technology

In order to get rid of wheels on cars especially in the city maglev tracks like one finds on Bulldozers and tanks could be used instead of train tracks. By using computers to do small turns at high speed one could stop using regular car wheels and instead use maglev technology with rubber coated magnetic tracks instead of train tracks. In this way electricity could be obtained direct in the cities like light rail uses now from above or below and gas or diesel or natural gas or other types of engines could run electrical generators for optimum power conversion from one form to another in the suburbs and out in the country.

The lifting power of mag lev(electromagnetic levitation) is incredible and could easily lift whatever weight necessary and could carry literally whatever was the maximum load that the roadway could bear. Since there are no wheels this solves a lot of problems especially when parking because when the power is off the vehicle and load simply will not move.

So, the major innovation would be rubber coated(to replace tires and wheels) maglev tracks for cars and trucks and would directly fit in with today's car and truck electric hybrids.

Another innovation to this technique would be truck or car wheels in front for steering while carrying most of the rear weight with tracks in the rear just like many military vehicles during World War II and after.

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