Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As an intuitive I can put in choices or variables and come up with likely results. As adults in school most of us are taught to think in this way also. It is called critical thinking. However, the main difference for me is I can do this intuitively also in addition to using logical thought using factual variables. It actually works very well in my life but I can't really explain it as anything other than a highly refined instinct which it also is.

So, for example, if I look at the Copenhagen Conference and Kyoto before that I can see that there is more interest in ALL nations to do something now before things get much worse. This is a good thing.

Also, as things progressively get worse this century weather wise, even more people will get on the bandwagon so to speak and this is even better.

But also as an intuitive the likely result is that just this century between 1 billion and 5 billion people will die directly or indirectly from Global climate change. And unless we could go back to about 1900 and change the way we did things during the 20th century there is no way I see for less than 1 billion people to die directly or indirectly from Global Climate change this century. For me that is a given.

If everyone did absolutely nothing more and totally gave up the idea of doing anything about Global Climate change about 5 billion would die directly or indirectly from Global Climate change this century. And if they did nothing about it for 500 years all humans would be dead by 500 years from now and within 1000 years very little life at all would still be left alive on earth. So it would be like humans going extinct like the dinosaurs did.

However, since people are starting to see that something is seriously wrong worldwide it is unlikely the human race will go extinct now unless a 3rd World War begins. A 3rd World war now likely would cause extinction within 500 to 1000 years because of all the disruption it would cause.

However, the level of frustration among humans worldwide could very easily spin out of control in almost any nation on earth because the frustration level goes beyond anything I've ever seen. So, for me, human frustration and starvation are an even more immediate threat to world stability than Global Climate change. But if both aren't addressed properly during the next 500 years we are all toast anyway.

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