Thursday, December 3, 2009 12-3-09

Since this blog format hides anything not written the same month in a monthly or yearly button I try to inform my readers of my other website at least once a month. So, for example, this notification will be easily read until 12-31-09.

My other website is one that I have had since 1999 but recently I converted it to

Before this it was a free Yahoo Geocities web site that was supposed to be free forever. But in the business world nothing is free forever. So now I pay about 7 dollars a month the first year and 10 dollars month after that because I have spent thousands of hours writing things that I felt were useful or entertaining or both to mankind.

Since I am a precognitive psychic and an intuitive and have been telepathic since I was born my style of writing is different than most. Because I am a natural intuitive and as an adult have studied with Native American Medicine Men and womn. And also Tibetan Buddhist Lamas and Tulkus both in the United States and Nepal and India it has given me a very unique perspective about life.

Also, I since I grew up mostly in California in San Diego and Los Angeles counties, that has also given me an interesting perspective. And since I was raised as a lacto ovo vegetarian since birth in 1948 that also gives me a different perspective. However, since I was 32 in 1980 when I started to study with Tibetan Lamas I would say now I am 90% to 95% vegetarian. I decided that during the last time things got economically bad in the U.S. that being able to eat meat in survival situations might be important to my survival.

At age 10 for example I ate chicken soup and was sick for two weeks from it because I had eaten nothing from an animal except milk and eggs since birth. And I didn't ever eat anything else meat until I was 15 because of this bad experience.

Being raised a lacto ovo vegetarian has both saved my life and almost killed me. It saved my life when I got a heart virus in 1998 because I had the clearest veins and arteries my doctors had ever seen in a 50 year old. However, because of being a vegetarian and because I was going to be 6 feet 4 1/2 inches as an adult I got childhood epilepsy at age 10 and almost died from it. Luckily, it ended suddenly at age 15 and because I wasn't allowed by my father to ever take any medicine for it I had developed through "mind over matter" just trying to mentally and psychically survive childhood epilepsy, become very psychically proficient. This took me about 15 years(until I was 30) to become comfortable with my psychic gifts and until then I was always feeling I had to protect others from my gifts which I didn't always fully understand even though I used many of them to stay alive every day. So, I prayed a lot and sought out spiritual teachers so that I could direct my gifts in ways to help all beings. What I write about at is the experiences and realizations that I came to in this lifelong quest for truth and enlightenment. I hope you find it entertaining and or useful in your sojourn here on earth and beyond.

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