Saturday, December 26, 2009

2035 Roughed out 1st draft

Though I will probably add more to "2035" in the future I think the first section is roughed out first draft wise even though there are many typos and incongruencies of numbers and detail stuff like that I like the way it is. I intended to show how uneven life tends to be and how surprised we are by many of the unexpected changes and how unprepared all of us are for our lives in the end. However, the human spirit somehow usually finds a way forward. Those who don't lay 6 feet under or are walking down the street talking to themselves on every large Boulevard in the World. Though things seem one way they are really 20 other things as time moves forward but it is true surviving the present tends to help us survive the future whatever may come.

2035 can be found (if it is still December among my blog articles). If not, here is the address:

I'm looking forward in time as an intuitive. As I'm sharing with this remember I'm somewhat changing time because I am sharing this with you. Those of you who are precognitive psychics will understand this principle. However, I also sense that the future can also be made even better than this by writing this piece so that is why I'm doing it. I call this refining the future so it can be even better for all of us.

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