Saturday, December 12, 2009


The above web article speaks on how the percentage of police officers shot on duty has increased 24% since 2008. This speaks to the increase in desperation nationwide and worldwide. If there was a way to have health care, food, clothing and shelter for all people less police would die or be shot every year. Our self reliant oriented system here works quite well during good times, but now during Global Climate change and extreme recession it likely will create and ever increasing cavalcade of police officers being shot in the U.S.

To understand that the mindless execution of police officers is more about hopeless citizens during a deep recession rivaling the Great Depression is more useful than any other concept in trying to understand what is really happening.

Global Climate change has reduced food worldwide by 20% to 30%. This in turn makes people desperate in places like Mexico,Central and South America. So the fact that around 2000 people or more have been murdered there in border drug wars on the Mexico and U.S. border there makes perfect sense in these starving economies worldwide where there is little to no hope of a future for most people. This is also affecting us here in the U.S.

As people become more desperate they often turn to drugs or alcohol in desperation and this in turn makes these people more likely to be paranoid and delusional and more likely to shoot a police officer or anyone else for that matter.

Understanding that because of Global Climate change this likely will get worse by an average of 10% a year ongoing allows us all to make more sense of all this.

Looking at it this way the veneer of civilization is getting thinner every year worldwide. So Far, the average person is demonstrating extreme patience worldwide. However, it is unknown how far and how long that patience can last the way things are presently going worldwide.

There is a quality of these times that reminds me of what happened a few years before World War II. I really don't like this feeling. Though it is true I wasn't born until 1948, people talked about the horrors of the Great Depression and World War II a lot during the 1950s and 1960s. People didn't go to therapists or shrinks a lot then and the only way they could cope with having survived so much horror was to talk to friends and family. Those that couldn't talk it out often went crazy or committed suicide.

So, talking to people about the stresses of your life will help you to be a kinder more useful family member, friend and good citizen of your country.

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