Thursday, December 10, 2009

2037 revisited

The above is a short story that is the kind of thing that is coming in the world. It is a way of perceiving reality and of forging ahead without asking anyone,(especially the governments of earth). Do I think this is good? Not necessarily.

However, this sort of thing is coming and ways of thinking that we are only beginning to see in today's children and young adults.

I was born in 1948 so the ENIAC (short for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). It was the first general-purpose electronic computer built in 1946.

So, I was born just after the ENIAC and Roswell and in 1947, the same year as Roswell curiously enough the transistor was born. It is my belief that it was just the first reverse engineered device created from Roswell. The computers you are reading this on are another reverse engineered evolution from Roswell by the way. If you don't believe me read "The Day After Roswell" written By U.S. Army Intelligence Colonel Corso who worked for Eisenhower in the White House when Ike was President. Unfortunately, Colonel Corso passed on within a few years after he published his book but his position in Army intelligence and the introduction by Senator Strom Thurmond gives credence to what he shared before he passed on from old age during the 1990s I believe.

As an intuitive 2037 is one of the types of changes to humans that I see coming. However, the most scary change that I see coming is a perceptual change in which young people start to change the ways their brains work and perceive reality by plugging directly into artificial intelligence, the internet. In other words "My Brain, the internet cell phone" where people can be literally connected to all people on earth and their thoughts so anything that is known can be tapped into instantly by all those so connected. Most people today would be horrified by this change. However, likely it is coming. Some will do this even if it is made illegal because it would be hard to check for because no physical difference would be obvious. However, perceptually, the difference internally in people would not be considered human by most, especially when they continue their information addiction into their sleep and dream cycle which really will make people unlike any who have come before.

When this becomes "In Style" IQs might jump to 500 or 1000, but at the cost of being a human being without some senses like instinct and intuition and spirituality? What good is that?

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