Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copenhagen climate change summit

begin quote from above article
The conference has been described by some scientists as the most important the world has ever seen. ---

"Never in 17 years of climate negotiations have so many different countries made so many pledges. It's unprecedented," he said.---

To stress the importance of the summit, 56 newspapers in 45 countries will publish the same editorial on Monday, warning that climate change will "ravage our planet" unless action is agreed, the London-based Guardian reported.

The editorial - to be published in 20 languages - has been thrashed out by editors ahead of the Copenhagen talks, the newspaper said.

"At the deal's heart must be a settlement between the rich world and the developing world," the editorial says.

Environmental activists plan protests in Copenhagen and around the world on 12 December, to encourage delegates to reach the strongest possible deal.

Tens of thousands marched in London and other UK and European cities on Saturday.
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Obviously, as more weather systems alter or start collapsing worldwide and as more and more people die or have to move because their topsoil blew away in a drought or because their once home fell into the ocean or into the ground because of melting permafrost or their family home for hundreds or even thousands of years has to be abandoned to rising oceans more people are becoming scared enough to do something to try to make things better before it is too late for all of us.

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