Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2002 thoughts

Snow Sunday February 17th 2002

Once I chose to live in the snow. The last year that was true was 1992. The place Mt. Shasta, a place I still dearly love. Today as I sit in my hotel room with my laptop and family I listen to the cannons going off here in Squaw Valley at 7:30 am this President’s weekend morning. It snowed all last night. It is the first snow I’ve witnessed falling peacefully out of the sky in about a year. Even though I don’t live in the snow any more I crave to see it come down at least once a year. I try to ski one weekend or two every year. Once I skied 2 days a week at least. Once I lived at 4000 feet in an A Frame I built myself and we’d get 7 feet of snow at a time. Sometimes we couldn’t get our 4 wheel drive unstuck for a few days at a time and had to ski out cross country style. Times have changed. Now I live within a mile of the ocean and have for 7 years. Life has changed for me but I still romanticize and fantasize about skiing every day and living in the snow and being a mountain man once again.

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