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Blavatsky’s First Encounter with Master Morya
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Manly Hall summarizes information from several sources in his account of Blavatsky’s first meeting with her Master: “The year 1851 was of extraordinary significance to the Russian mystic. Madame Blavatsky was now twenty years of age and was visiting in London during the season of the International Exposition. She had already broken the bonds of family and country and stood at the very threshold of her adventurous life. As she was walking one day, she saw an approaching number of Orientals, part of a group at that time visiting the court of Queen Victoria. In the midst of the Hindus was one of surpassing height and dignity. As her eyes turned toward him, a wave of astonishment swept over her. Her heart almost stopped beating, for she recognized in this Hindu of grave demeanor the strange protector of her childhood visions, the one whose glorious countenance had shone down upon her from invisible worlds. Her first impulse was to rush forward, to speak to him, to fall at his feet, but with princely gesture he bade her remain where she was and give no sign. So, helpless under the spell of his power, she stood still until he had passed.

“To the uninitiated, the handsome Oriental was merely a Rajput prince, but to Madame Blavatsky he was the Master Morya—one of the world’s Great Souls and an Adept of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood, whose members are dedicated to the service of the spiritual needs of mankind. It was the evening following her first physical meeting with the Mahatma M that Madame Blavatsky, impelled by a force she could not then understand, strolled slowly through Hyde Park. She was lost in reverie, turning over and over in her mind the almost unbelievable adventure of the day. Suddenly she looked up and there before her stood the very person who had formed the subject of her reverie.

“Madame Blavatsky was a creature of destiny and, as the steel is drawn to the lodestone, so the Russian mystic was impelled by fate into the way prepared for her. ‘In London, by the Serpentine,’ wrote Madame Blavatsky in her diary, ‘I met the Master of my dreams.’ Concerning the Rajput Adept very little information is available. Although known to Madame Blavatsky as the Master Morya, he seems to have also used the name Ahazhulama, or the Blue Teacher; and according to the conservative records of that day, was 125 years of age at the time of this visit to England. The portrait of Mahatma Morya…was painted [by Schmiechen] under the direction of Madame Blavatsky, who seems to have been satisfied with the accuracy of the likeness. The Master visited Paris in the latter part of the nineteenth century and was also in America for a short time. He traveled, however, in great secrecy, accompanied by Oriental attendants, and met but a few people.”[2]

Countess Constance Wachtmeister, one of Hall’s sources, adds that “her Master told her that he had come to London with the Indian princes on an important mission, and he was desirous of meeting her personally, as he required her cooperation in a work which he was about to undertake. He then told her how the Theosophical Society was to be formed, and that he wished for her to be the founder. He gave her a slight sketch of all the troubles she would have to undergo, and also that she would have to spend three years in Tibet to prepare her for the important task. HPB decided to accept the offer made to her and shortly afterward left London for India. end quote from above web site.

Mark Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet's husband recounted his first meeting with the Master Morya. At the time Mark was a young man and a very devout Christian. Mark was driving the nails into railroad tracks the Master Morya took him out of time and space in the middle of a stroke of his sledge like hammer. So up to 1/2 hour of conversation took place during the swing of his pick sized rail spike hammer. However, Mark at the time was very disturbed by this because Morya had come to him and told him to start a new religion. Though he questioned this a lot at first he realized this was what he had to do. As an older man he met a then young Elizabeth Clare Prophet and they married and had several children with her.

Together Mark and Elizabeth Prophet taught about Morya, Saint Germain and Jesus and many other masters and Angels until Mark passed on and then Elizabeth carried on alone until she also passed on.

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