Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More on the "Circle of Fire"


If you will notice on the above interactive earthquake website that from Guatemala over to Haiti and south down the Western side of South America and even up into Indonesia, Japan and points north that there are many many earthquakes now above 5.0

This could be an indication of larger quakes to follow in this section from Guatemala down the Western side of South America and up to Indonesia and Japan. But you might say to me, "But Fred, the 5.0s have been common for some time from Indonesia up through Japan." And I might say, "Yes. You are right." However, if you look at the potential scenario I outlined in the following article:


then you will understand why I'm concerned about it. I'm not saying it will for sure go all the way around and result in the Yellowstone Caldera going off in a major way. What I am saying is to be observant. If all the things I saw in a vision actually happen then the likelihood of the Yellowstone Caldera going next is between 80% to 90% in March. However, I expect many who read this will pray about this and hopefully alter this scenario into something else. But like I said before, the plates have pressures that sometimes have to be released somewhere.

I would like to tell you a story as an intuitive. Often if something bad is going to happen I can sense it and try to avoid whatever the calamity is going to be or sometimes I can prevent the problem entirely through prayer or redirection. But sometimes the energy is so powerful that all I can do is to put a forcefield around myself and my family. Often when I do this I will find (if I am driving) an car accident with fatalities. My belief is that there are energies that are built up from everyone's feelings on earth and these feelings: good ones gather together and bad ones gather together and some of the bad ones create individual and group deaths and if they are larger they create actual wars.

For example, the suffering people worldwide endured caused World War I in this way. However, because the problems were not dealt with this also caused World War II. However, the problems still were not dealt with but there cannot be a World War III because it would extinct all or most life on earth through Nuclear War which would be the inevitable result of a World War now.

However, just like the pressures inside the Earth now, things are really not right on earth, and things will happen instead of a World War and that can't happen because of the incredible unhappiness of so many on Earth now.

What is the solution? Unfortunately, there are really only two solutions. And then there is where we are really at.

1. Most of humanity disappears from the earth.
And we all know this wouldn't and couldn't happen so that is ridiculous.
2. We live underground with zero population growth.
But we all know the human race isn't ready for that.
3. We enter into different forms of Chaos until Balance is established one way or the other. This appears to be where we all are now. However, since this is a planet of free will how this will all play out is anyone's guess. But knowing the realities makes each of us hopefully more pragmatic and compassionate to all life on Earth.

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