Sunday, January 17, 2010

Traveling the Circle of Fire

If you are an intuitive like me I would like you to read this and double check me for accuracy. Since, if I'm right many many lives are at stake, I sense as many of you as possible need to double check me for accuracy.

First, there was the Eureka quake at 6.5(there may have been others before but I'm using this as a reference point to start with), Next there was the 7.0 Haiti quake. If there is another big quake now somewhere in South America then there is a force moving around the "Ring of Fire". If a big one hits in South America likely in Peru or Chile soon then the rest of my prediction may be coming true. If there then is another big one following that one somewhere near Australia or Indonesia then that would be another indication that I might be correct. Then if another big quake happens in Japan and Another that sets off the Volcano in Alaska then we might be in for one or more volcanoes going off Starting either with Rainier or Baker or even Shasta. If one of these goes off then it is possible that the Yellowstone Caldera is going to go too. When a big quake(6.5 to 7.0 or bigger) goes off it often causes volcanoes to go off as the magma gets squished around and has pressure put on it by moving tectonic plates.

However, this circle sequence would have to happen starting next in South America for me to be correct. All these sequences would culminate in March, I believe at present. I hope I'm wrong but if I'm right be sure to prepare as time goes on if you are near an earthquake fault or Volcano on the ring of fire. So if you are prepared and ready there is a much higher chance of survival.

Though it is useful to pray to stop an earthquake or volcano near you, please understand that the plates ARE going to move just like we all move in our sleep. So the stopping through prayers of a quake or volcano one place is only going to make it go off worse somewhere else. It's just cause and effect. You can move these things around but the pressure has to go somewhere.

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