Sunday, January 10, 2010

Events 1-10-10

I'm writing this because directly because of writing this or indirectly I get that it will save lives that I write this.

I have been having an uneasy feeling about the first 3 or 4 months of 2010 in regard to earthquakes, tsunamis and the like. I haven't written about this because it was just too vague to do anything with. You know, like you have the feeling that something is coming but you can't quite put your finger on it. You just know for sure whatever it is going to be you don't want to be there when it happens.

I have a very intuitively gifted friend that once saved my life when I was about 21. She could then see that people who couldn't deal with my gifts were spiritually crucifying me and decided to make sure I didn't die in the process and she succeeded. So I have been grateful to her ever since for saving my life at that time.

Well, now she is in her 80s and is dealing with her own problems related to being 80. She is a church going kind of person so when she called and had had several beers I knew this was unlike her normal self. But the one thing she mentioned was that there was going to be a big earthquake soon. I have found her to be incredibly accurate and then today here was the 6.5 in Eureka, California one day later.

Normally, I would pick up that there would be an earthquake of this size too. However, whenever my son visits for Christmas vacation and then leaves back to college in Southern California it throws my senses off because my wife and 13 year old daughter and I really miss him, especially the first few weeks so that throws off all our senses.

This was one of those cases. However, since I also got a lot of earthquakes and potential tsunamis and possible volcanic eruptions I thought I would just pass along that people need to be aware where they are especially the next 4 months or so. Like for example, March feels pretty strange.

People can pray to change any and all events. However, it is important to note that the Earth needs to move just like people turn in their sleep at night. So stopping this movement only creates worse movements in the future. So, likely a good prayer would be to help people be more aware so they can be more prepared especially if they live on the "Ring of Fire" which makes a circle in the Pacific Ocean. If you aren't aware where the ring of fire is it starts in Alaska and follows down the Pacific Coast from there all the way to the tip of South America and then travels up through Indonesia and Japan up into the Aleutian islands and over again to Alaska. If you are any of these places along the ring of fire be very aware of earthquakes, faults, portential tsunamis etc. Just being more aware can save lives.

Another thing to be aware of: When wild animals like birds seem to do anything out of the ordinary like fly to higher ground or to suddenly leave a normal hunting ground like the San Francisco Seals suddenly did, make a note of their change in behavior. For animals and birds are much more tuned into the actions of the earth on all levels. Most of us humans have forgotten how to be aware. So, if you are more aware it might save your life and others.

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