Monday, January 25, 2010

Lineage 1-25-2010

So there is Clarity the lineage I'm speaking about is the lineage of spiritual teacher passed down to teacher after teacher after teacher and finally to you through the Guru-Chela transmission. Though I first understood this when Jesus was the Apostles Guru and he passed Aura to aura his transmissions and sound to sound and picture thought to picture thought down to his apostles and other students at that time.

The next time I was exposed to this experience was personally when I spoke with Tibetan Lamas about this in California and experienced this more in India and Nepal.

Imagine in the past hundreds or thousands of years ago Mahasiddhas who spent there whole life learning to supernaturally heal through meditation and realizations and then who passed this through their auras to their students. And the brightest and the best picked up these powerful initiations through their cells in their body, the neurons in their brains and became realized themselves and added to these spiritual truths their own realizations. So here comes you, hundreds or thousands of generations of Guru-student initiations later, you, become the beneficiary of thousands of years of realization and knowledge. Does this initiation of lineage make you Jesus? or Buddha? Whatever it does one feels very different and one's life if one's motivation stays correct becomes a constant series of miracles. It is all about motivation. Without a motivation to help all beings in the universe lineage means nothing.

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