Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dragon of Maitreya

The Dragon of Maitreya is not a person but a change in the consciousness of mankind. This change is a perceptual metamorphosis. It is like a caterpillar in a cocoon turning into a butterfly which is readying to fly away to somewhere else. But it begins feeling a lot like Rebirth, of something new, of whole new ways of thinking and being never considered before on earth.(at least in recorded history)

The Dragon of Maitreya is part of the natural evolution of all life upon earth at this time. Nothing that humans have known before in recorded history is a part of what comes now. It is completely different and No one is prepared for what comes now. It is and will be a complete surprise to all of us. The least painful approach is wonder and the most painful approach is resistance. It is coming and it is here. The only question is how will we choose to cope with all the changes?

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