Monday, June 6, 2011

Jonathan and Aurora

Jonathan looked over at Aurora, they were skiing uphill side by side on Bunny Flats towards Horse Camp Sierra Club Lodge at tree line on Mt. Shasta. It was a really good view of the mountain from there when it was clear enough. As they walked Aurora said, "I'm not sure I'm going to Europe with you."
Jonathan said, "Is it because you just got back from a Dolmen Tour of the Black Sea?"
Aurora: "Not really. It's that my boyfriend might not want to go to Europe with me. Remember, I said in Paris a couple of years ago that I wouldn't travel to Europe without my boyfriend next time?"
Jonathan said, "Yes. But he's welcome to come along with us."
Aurora: "He may or may not want to do that."
Jonathan said, "Yes. I understand that."
Jonathan: "But remember, you have 3 choices: First you and he could go. Second, you could go or third, you both could stay."
Aurora: "Okay."
Aurora puffed a little harder and went ahead uphill on her mountaineering skis to get a little room to breathe and to think away from her Dad.
She thought to herself, "Gee. I really would like to go, But if I go alone that might harm my relationship with my boyfriend this time. I don't know what to do."
Jonathan meanwhile saw the whole thing from a different perspective of experience entirely. From his point of view, much like his present wife, Aurora, his daughter was always a force to be reckoned with for everyone in her life. He always knew this about her. She was a mover and a shaker and one of the kindest and at the same time intense people that he knew. Anyone who underestimated her was going to be in for it. It didn't matter who it was, even her father.

Finally, Aurora stopped to rest a little from all the exertion. Jonathan pulled up alongside of her with his skis and said, "Aurora. You always have and always will be a force to reckon with for everyone who knows you. In some ways you are like my present wife, a very independent woman. And you are young just entering your twenties. Life has a lot in store for you that you don't expect right now. But potentially you have a really amazing life ahead of you. Did you know that?"
Aurora: "I feel it there but it is also very illusive, Dad. Sometimes I know that if I hang onto anything too much I will lose it no matter what it is."
Jonathan: "Well. You are likely crazy wisdom like me. So there will be a lot of interesting twists and turns in your life as you help people and even save people along the way."

Aurora: "Do you really think so, Dad?"
Jonathan: "I don't just think, I know."
Aurora watched the snow sparkle as the sun came out upon it from beneath a cloud. She was glad to have a good pair of sunglasses so her eyes didn't hurt or go snow blind from too much sunlight all at once.

Jonathan went on, "You signed up to help a lot of people before you were born, Aurora, and likely nothing will stand in your way of doing this. Not me, or anyone else. You were born to be a strong caring wise woman and to help many many people. I know this about you, Aurora. And traveling is one way you are becoming a citizen of Earth and of the whole Galaxy. I think traveling is a good thing for you because you are learning many cultures, languages and customs. For you, at least at this point in your life, traveling is a very good thing and will lead you to your life's work.

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