Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rebirth and Resurrection

Most of you know that Good Friday which was last Friday is the anniversary of Jesus' Crucifiction and Easter is the anniversary of Jesus' Resurrection where he got up out of his tomb and rolled back the stone and walked (or flew) away and many witnessed this.

All my life it has always seemed to me that all the attention focused on the Crucifiction was always misplaced and that as a Christian the focus should be instead on the Resurrection to be meaningful. Because everyone dies but the rebirth, the resurrection is what is actually important.

One type of rebirth that Christians and others might have is when they go to sleep at night by giving over themselves to Jesus, God or whatever people need to do to let go of the day to have a peaceful sleep. Oftentimes when I give my life completely to God in desperation after a difficult day I will wake up in the morning a completely new person and ready to deal with life sort of like a newborn child of God. I see this as God's daily potential rebirth and resurrection through a rebirth in consciousness.

Recently spring has shown itself where I live and all the flowers are out and the grass is high and very green and the birds are out. Well, each new day is potentially like a new spring day for each of us. And by letting go completely at night when we sleep, often we can resurrect in consciousness and health of all kinds and meet the new day with God everywhere in our lives.

So, I believe Resurrection and Easter can be every morning if you let go of your crucifiction of the previous day before you go to sleep whenever you need to.

Sometimes, when the day or week was very difficult I would say to God something like, "I just can't deal with my life God, if it be your will let me die tonight". Then I would go to sleep sort of like I was dying and when I woke up in the morning everything was new because I was completely reborn in consciousness with God.

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