Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Boy Jesus

I was thinking what I could write in honor of Jesus and my lifetime of experiences with him. This is what I came up with.

There is Jesus the idea and then there is Jesus the experience. The experience of something is much different than the idea of it or him or the being. I was lucky that by the time I was 5 years old I had personal experiences with first Archangel Michael and his band of archangels at age 2 when they healed me of whooping cough and I experienced Jesus coming into the room I was when I was 5 when my mother and her mother (my grandmother) were in the other room praying that I would get over a bad case of  chicken pox when we lived in our home in El Cajon, California near San Diego then in 1953. These two experiences greatly changed my life because at this point neither Jesus nor Archangel Michael or his band of Archangels were theoretical anymore. By the time I was 5 I knew them all personally. When Jesus came the whole room turned Gold like it was literally Gold like people wear. Maybe this is why people wear gold to feel healed? The feeling was so powerful that it made me want to faint so I had to lay down to experience the Golden light go through me and go through the whole room. This day of Golden Light healed me from Chicken Pox then in 1953.

Then since my parents in 1954 just after I turned 6 were put in charge of their church's large church in downtown Los Angeles on Hope street, we moved to Tujunga, California which is up against the mountains near La Crescenta and La Canada. But it is within 1/2 hour to 45 minutes by car to Hope Street where my parents were lay ministers in charge of the church. Also, this year when we went to Mt. Shasta, Mrs. Ballard who was the worldwide leader of the church then told me I would be the boy Jesus in the Pageant of the life of Christ that is still performed on a weekend in August at their Amphitheater in Mt. Shasta, California with segments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday usually with the whole life of Christ depicted between 8 am and noon or so on Sunday every year.

So, in 1954 Mrs. Ballard told me that I would be the boy Jesus in the Pageant when I turned 12. Sure enough in 1960 when I turned 12 I was the boy Jesus in the pageant. What is interesting to me now is that I had already experienced both Archangel Michael and Jesus. And since Archangel Gabriel usually travels also with Michael he likely was one of the angels I saw when I was 2 and was healed of whooping cough by them at that point. So, I had likely been in the presence of Archangel Gabriel at age 2 so when I played the part of Archangel Gabriel in the pageant at age 21 in 1969 when I walked on stage I felt him come into my body and never leave ever after that. It was such a powerful experience that I almost fainted when I walked on stage at the amphitheater then.

Similarly, since Jesus had come and turned my whole room Gold to heal me from Chicken Pox for a day, I had experienced Jesus' healing Golden Light. So, since this was Jesus' aura I had experienced Jesus by the time I was 5 too. So, when I walked on stage at age 12 I also experienced Jesus come into my body then. Ever after that people when I was in my teens and twenties sometimes said to me, "You have a J.C. Complex." But that really wasn't what it was. Jesus was in my body with me since I was 12 and I knew it. This didn't make my life easy. On the contrary much much more was expected of me all the time than from almost anyone I knew. My life was a constant mystery school experience and I was always struggling to measure up until I was in my 30s and started to really figure it all out finally.

So, God, and Jesus and the Archangels are not a theoretical experience, they can be a real experience all the time. However, then much more will be expected of you. So, be careful what you ask for. Happy Easter!

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