Sunday, March 24, 2013


After I published the previous article I tried to make a phone call with my cellphone and when I tried to make a call using contacts a blurb came up and said, "Emergency Calls only". I thought there must be a mistake so I tried calling another number, same thing. Then I went and hand dialed a number, same thing. Then I tried to use my home phone to try to call my cell phone wouldn't ring or receive the call. So, I left my cell phone home when I went out today since I couldn't make or receive a call with it. But then, I realized likely the fire department or some kind of local emergency had occurred so this was what was displayed likely on all the phones in my area and it just hadn't reset itself. So, when I came home about 4 hours later I realized what I needed to do was to turn my phone off like you would turn a computer off for awhile when it has problems so it can heal whatever the problem is when the operating system goes down. Sure enough, as soon as I turned my phone off and then turned it back on about 10 minutes later it worked fine again. So, if an emergency occurs in your area and you get this message and it doesn't clear right away, within a couple of hours if you turn it off after the local emergency passes (you probably won't hear even what it was for) it should reset itself if the emergency (whatever it was) has passed by turning it off all the way and then turning it back on to clear the operating system.

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