Monday, February 4, 2008


Coping. I don't think I'm alone on the world stage in feeling very troubled about Britney Spears next week or two. It takes me back to so many friends of mine in the 1960s who didn't make it either from drugs, breakups, car racing, rock climbing or you name it. I think most of us on one level or another can identify with Britney's descent in to hell at one point or other in their lives.

In college I can remember friends who told me things like, "Did you know I do mushrooms every three days?" or ten years later, "I did mushrooms every three days for ten years." or twenty years later, "I need a liver transplant." or 5 years later, "Oh, He's dead. He died in London. His kids miss him."

Strange thoughts like this bring me back strangely to Britney. Britney is a very sad case. She knows about singing, she knows how to make love and to make people happy.And now she knows how to have a baby-twice. She just has no idea at all what life is about or who she is. And there's the rub. No one survives very long if they don't know or have any idea at all what life is about or who they are. Life has a way of kicking our asses around the block about 10 times or killing us outright until we find out through the very HARD school of hard knocks. Will Britney survive? That is very debatable. she
might exist if she is kept on legal meds in a padded cell. But is that living? If they let her out will she survive now? Unlikely, given the state of things. What about her kids? Well, since she doesn't have any idea who she is at core maybe just maybe they are better off without her.

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