Thursday, February 28, 2008

Actual, Metaphorical and Symbolic

Actual, Metaphorical and Symbolic. This article is related in some ways to the article:"And Then the Angels Came".

I realized today that the Character in my online book "Memories" is actual, Metaphorical and symbolic all at once.

When I first started to write about my character Arcane, Elohar and Ragna in 1980 I thought I was just writing science fiction that I really liked. However, by 1999 after I had almost died I realized all my characters were real, in addition to be metaphorical and symbolic all at once.

So, for me at least my online book "Memories" is as real as the Bible is to many people as it describes a few of my past lives. This appears to be my last life I will live as a human. I don't really understand how all this works. I can make sense of it only two ways. But God isn't as limited as a human brain so anything is possible with his(or her,or its) state of awareness. However, the only two ways that my mind can make sense of at present is that I have either already lived the lives of Arcane, His Oneness, King Interlaken, Flame, the Cave Yogi and hundreds or thousands of others as humans or other types of beings, OR all my lifetimes are lived simaltaneously somehow because time and space aren't real for God.

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