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Leisure7.original fiction. Leisure7 sat in the driveway. Lately, since I had turned off
cable tv 8 months ago so my 11 year old could experience a world without 500 cable channels and 20 minutes per hour of commercials, many of them designed with subliminal seduction of minors and adults in mind. So since I'm a newshound from watching the news with my Dad since I was a little boy when he came home from work I still watch NBC through the aerial on the flatscreen installed in my motorhome outide. Leisure7 is my motorhome.

It was a gift from the Galactic Sentience and presented through His Oneness and King Interlaken. It is a guarded multiform. What this means is that it can do all sorts of stuff but can't be unwound into what it is by anyone before 2500 AD.

Note: if you want to know more about the Galactic Sentience, His Oneness and King Interlaken the easy way would be to read my online book "Memories" and sequels which are free to read at:

Just look for mem.html, mem2.html up through mem11.html and then the partially completed sequels usually starting with "The History of-----(whatever the character's name is. I'm sorry I'm not a better writer. But I'm told reading my stuff has a great muse like effect on writers whose livelihood is writing. I just write for fun and enlightenment.I'm told my ideas are great because I have lived a pretty amazing life and been all over the world and met many really amazing people.endnote.

Some people think my work has to do with CTU but that is not the case. I actually work for (remember the is supposed to be fiction) the NSA branch of the UN that is TC. Since the TC branch was named by Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla in the 1930s it later was attached to the CIA and then the NSA and then this branch after much haggling by the G8 nations was connected to the UN so all the G8 nations and any other intelligence service on earth didn't have to freak out totally about its clandestine existence in the hands of only the United States. That was just too much for most of the world to put up with.

Anyway, if you understand my part in helping the second timeline that that you and I live on now then you will begin to understand why I was given Leisure7 and why the Galactic Sentience wants to protect my body which is one of his Grandfather's dreams from any hostile forces inside or outside of this galaxy.

My understanding of Leisure7 is that it is an instant transportation device to the core of the Galaxy for me in case of emergency. What I would do in the center of the Galaxy I have no idea? If you have ever been there either in your soul body or in some type of ship or however, it is not the kind of place one wants to be in a physical human body for a variety of reasons. So though I'm very greatful for Leisure7 I mostly just watch the news in it and use the generator to keep the 2 deep cycle batteries charged with the onboard generator or the main engine so I can watch the news. Or I exercise my dogs in the green belt in the large pine forest. I love the ferns and the streams running this time of year on the Pacific Coast.

I started my adventures with Elohar and Ragna in the 1960s or before. It's hard for me to judge. I wasn't a time traveler then, just my Dad and two uncles and maybe my grandfather snuck a time journey in there somewhere too(Uncle Tommy Travels Time).
Anyway, supposedly my Uncle Tommy and even my Dad might still be alive somewhere else in time. I suppose even my Mom might be alive somewhere else and they put a biological clone in her place because the one here doesn't know who she is or talk to me anymore.

A few years back I was walking in the green belt of Pine trees and ferns here where I live and as usual I felt the Awesome(a time travel ship from 7000+ AD) arriving to pick me up. I never know when or really where they will come get me. I've noticed as I've gotten older they don't come as frequently. I guess they consider me semi retired from all that now(since I'll be 60 this year).

Anyway, a few years back one day they picked me and my dogs up while we were watching the Beautiful Pacific Ocean from a nice view spot in the forest. It's actually pretty easy for them. The ship can appear to be anything from a cloud to another plane to even a tree, truck or car as far as other people are concerned. If they want to take me for a visit somewhere in time and space they just let me see them and I get in an off I go. Besides, the dogs love them now and like traveling with them and Elohar and Ragna and the crew all consider them as part of the family.

This particular time they took me back to the Future to what is now the Switzerland-Italian border near the Matterhorn. But in the future on the other timeline now it is called "The New European Union of States". Since on their timeline Asia and North and South America are gone at least for sane genetically whole humans they named their Union of states this in honor of America which no longer exists on their timeline.(Actually, in their timeline it isn't really safe most places on earth below about 5000 feet and the healthiest spot left on earth is Switzerland on their timeline. And yes, they have their currency then called the Euro in honor of the ancient denomination 5000 years in their past.

Anyway, on this journey I was very surprised to be taken to the then European seat of World Government and into the Gigantic Holodeck used for Intergalactic meetings of Governmental heads throughout the known universe.(This way they don't have to travel all the way to earth they can just all appear on giant TV like screens in real time.)
So after greetings between me and King Interlaken I found myself in this Stadium sized
Holodeck for Governmental meetings. My heart was skipping a beat, all this out of the blue was a bit much at my present age without any warning, as usual. Anyway, this time on the Big Screen was the Galactic Sentience. Now this might seem a little odd to some of you but since he considers me a living dream of his (asleep) Grandfather who created the Galaxy, he considers me to be a living incarnation of his Grandfather. Even though I know all this is happening it is still a little surrealistic and scary to me. However, I know the drill and how to be Galactically polite. So I know when to turn it on so to speak.

Anyway, this stadium of people there it turned out was to honor my part in ushering in the new timeline. I'm not really the kind of guy who is a public person. Yes, I can do it when I absolutely have to but generally, I'm at my best in a crisis and I don't like formal attire at all. It always makes me feel like I'm strangling even in the best of situations.

The very first thing that I became aware of was that most of the audience had never met or seen the Galactic Sentience. I thought to myself, "This should be good when half the audience faints from his presence." You see, I had been through this sort of thing before and had barely survived it.

However, just as I was thinking this someone got on the loudspeaker and said, "Ladies and Gentleman and revered children please listen as I have something very important to say. If you look on the back of the seat in front of you, there is a calmative tablet that should keep most of you from fainting when His Holiness the Galactic Sentience appears. You should also be informed now that the Galactic Sentience is not human or even humanoid as many or most of you think." There was a scared murmur that traveled around the stadium. "In fact he is not even what we would call a physical being unless you call someone who is as bright as the sun, physical. Also, I would remind you that likely he will scan every experience you have ever had including your conception back ten generations or so. This is how he continues to be the Galactic Sentience by doing this, you see. So if you have anything important to hide you should leave now."

What I found strange was that absolutely no one left. "Boy," I thought,"These people don't care what they did. They just want to see the leader of our Galaxy no matter what." And they did.

I found a pair of protective glasses and immediately put them on because I had been through this before and didn't want to go blind this time from the experience. Just as I put them on the humming and the bright light of the Galactic Sentience came on screen.

The Galactic Sentience said, "Ladies and Gentlemen and children of earth." I could sense the quaking of the masses but knew that even those who might be unconscious or even dead from the experience already would be brought back to consciousness and even back to life from death if that had occured after the even and would be given something like a DVD type thing for them to watch the whole thing later after they had somewhat recovered from a Galactic version of absolute Culture Shock.

The Galactic Sentience went on. "I am here today to honor one of your own, Jonathan Flow of the 20th and 21st Century here on Earth." At this point King Interlaken and His Oneness on my right and my left each touched one of my arms so I would stand up. So I did. Amazed people who even more amazingly seemed to know who I was stood up and gave me a standing ovation. Now it is me who thought I was going to faint and spoil it all. So I waved and waved until finally the Galactic Sentience in perfect timing saved me and told the audience to sit down. I took my cue and sat down hard before I fainted from the totally unexpected experience.

The Galactic Sentience went on speaking, "You may not know this but Jonathan, King Interlaken, His Oneness and even Arcane are all incarnations of the same soul as my Grandfather who created this Galaxy." I couldn't believe he was telling them about this. For me it was like inviting 100,000 people to my own colonoscopy when he said this. It was very hard to take for me. But I perservered.

"Also, my friends of earth, this same wonderful soul rescued the surviving citizens from Maldek millions of years ago and brought them to earth, that is why His Oneness owns the earth timeline as I gave it to him about 50,000 years in the past here on earth." There was a murmur in the crowd that grew as most people didn't know that there was a 50,000 year old human being present. Even if he had lived in another dimension where humans don't age this was an impossible thing for the audience to believe. If it had been any other being but the ruler of the galaxy they wouldn't have believed it. But in front of this apparently God like being what choice did they have?
Since the Galactic Sentience could read up to a million minds at once he said, "Oh, by the way, I don't consider myself to be a God. It is true my IQ runs into the millions but it is still limited. But I'm still probably one of the top 100,000 beings in intelligence in the whole galaxy and all of the rest are my relatives."

I thought to myself, "If these poor people hadn't taken calmatives they would be in even worse shape than they are now." I looked around the stadium and only about 1 in 4 people were even conscious but they couldn't collapse. The Galactic Sentience was used to this and could prevent 500,000 at a time from collapsing if he had to without batting an eyelash. I knew from personal experience that he would be the worst person to make angry in the galaxy. You would probably survive it but your brain and mind would definitely be different after that! So since I had experienced his full attention on me I had quite a degree of compassion for these poor folks who had no idea at all what they were getting into.

After all this ended we remained on the stage as the audience filed out. I knew there would be more from the look of this. I was right.

There was a very patient look that His Oneness gave me. He knew I wasn't used to this much attention. I finally excused myself so I could use the restroom quickly and splashed some water on my face so I could continue to do this public formal thing.

When I returned so did the Galactic Sentience. Only the highest governmental officials from earth and throughout the galaxy remained now so I knew I was in for it.

What was really odd about all this to me was I couldn't figure out the real reason all this was going on. I wasn't ever a naive person so I knew for sure it wasn't really about me at all. I just hoped I wasn't being offered up as bait to some civilization really jealous of Earth's second timeline. Oh I knew I would probably be protected but it bothered me no one had asked me my permission for all of this. More and more I was feeling like a pawn in all this. Well, after all, my name is Jonathan Flow, so I guess I'll just go with the flow. What other choice did I have?

note: the charactor's name is derived from Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the Science of the Lemurian Flow(a metaphysical state of mind that resembles a devout surfer.) In other words, cosmic, enlightened, intuitive and always in the right place at the right time automatically.

So here are all the big guns and little me, all 6 foot 5 inches of me. The Galactic Sentience began again. "Government representatives of all Galactic Governments and beyond. I know some of you aren't too happy with this new timeline and in the future I will set up one or more special meetings to address your issues with the second timeline. However, Jonathan Flow, here is a private citizen who at this point in time and space reminds me the most of my grandfather who created this galaxy.Because of this I designate him as a "representative and quaint rustic" and representative of the pioneering qualities my grandfather and grandmother exibited when they created this galaxy to give us all a good place to live so we all didn't have to just die in the void beyond all the galaxies like many beings still do.

A chill went up my spine as I was beginning to get what was going to happen to anyone here who pissed him off in regard to me. Obviously, I was more than pissed off to have been put in this position. From the tones of the voices of those who were offended I knew that they were pretty upset too. No amount of formal mumbo jumbo could hide their displeasure.

Soon, all the upset off planet governmental officials were either gone or had turned off their long distance live TV screens. I don't think any one of them had failed to miss the veiled threat of drifting alone in an airless void environment for eternity without their families nearby if they harmed me. Knowing how this all works they would all work like crazy to keep me alive because of it.

Finally, I was left with all my "relatives"(that's what I called them)I was left with Arcane, His Oneness, King Interlaken, Elohar and Ragna and the rest. At this point my Grandson, the Galactic Sentience presented me with Leisure7 and showed me what it could really do. It was a fully weaponized emergency vehicle operated by Purple Delta 7, who is a robotic sentient who is fully weaponized. Since I don't want the details I don't really want to share them here either. Let's just say I'm galactically protected and fully time protected. I'm glad all this started when I was able to adapt to such overwhelming experiences when I was young.

Again here alone now with my relatives I heard His Oneness say, "Everyone! Don't take off your protective glasses. His Holiness is coming physically here in real time now that all the others have gone. A chill automatically went up my spine and I was actually frightened remembering when His Holiness, The Galactic Sentience had "eaten" me(enveloped me within his star like form to more fully experience and comprehend me much more fully than I actually can myself as a human being.

So, I found myself quaking in my boots a little. Luckily, I didn't wet my pants.However, as His Holiness showed up, this time he took on a recognizable form that looked sort of like a relative of Arcane's and mine(and the rest of us there). He stood about 6 feet tall and laughed as he formed as an apparent 6 foot tall human amongst us. He said, "It's good to be with so many dreams of my grandfather, so I decided to look like you so there would be no danger of any of you going temporarily blind.

I found this disturbing in a whole new way. I find I can never get used to any being having this much power. It is just too disorienting. It is even stranger to think that our group soul as his grandfather trained this Galactic Sentience as our grandson. However, I don't fully contain that memory or do I fully remember creating this galaxy. So,life goes on.

His holiness just pointed and suddenly there was Leisure 7 with my old robotic sentient bodyguard Purple Delta 7. Sensing my discomfort she came up and gave me a hug. I felt much better after that somehow. She pointed to the door of Leisure7. She seemed to want me to sit in the rear of the apparent motor home so I did.

I heard his Holiness say, "We'll be back in a few seconds as he climbed into the driver's seat and Purple Delta 7 wearing Sargent Mark III on her lapel as a decoration. I personally thought the Sargent's humor quite effective as he had become for the moment an electronic sign that burst "Hi!" in bright letters over delta's heart. I knew he was trying to cheer me up knowing I would be a little scared right now. As Purple Delta 7 and Sargent Mark III over her heart sat in the passenger seat, she said, "We're going to the Galactic Core." As I stiffened knowing this would be fatal in a physical body, she said, "You physical body will be automatically converted into an energy form much like the one you were in when you first visited His Holiness while soul traveling there in 1970. I nodded not feeling much like talking right then because I had no idea where this was all going and then the next instant I was standing in space somewhere and the three of us(four with Sargent Mark III)sort of looked like ghosts.

I said, "Where are we?" His Holiness said,"We are in the Galactic Core." He said this in such a matter of fact way it calmed me somehow and I accepted it like I would if I was dreaming while asleep at night. He said, "Do you see what is called the Galactic Core which some call a black hole over there?" I said, "Yes." He went on, "Well. That is the main feeding ground for all your progeny, Grandfather." As I looked more carefully, I saw what looked like many stars and nebulas slowly growing brighter as he said this. I could sense them all greet me reverently like a long lost revered relative. I felt tears in my eyes at this. I had the feeling of having been alive a long long time---billions of years now. My life as Jonathan was just about like lighting a match for a few seconds in my long long life. I was overwhelmed.

Well, you can guess I survived all that and now I'm back to my financially secure semi retired life on the Northern California Coast with pine tree and redwood forests overlooking the amazing Pacific Ocean. It is hard after that level of excitement to again take my life seriously back here on planet earth. Also, I now remember more after communing with all my Star, nebula and constellation relatives. Many of you are their dream incarnations too.

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