Sunday, February 24, 2019

Memories of a past life on the planet Maldek (presently the asteroid belt out past Mars

People think that Earth could be here no matter what. Just as that isn't true ecologically it is also not true in regard to nuclear weapons.

For example, did you know that when the U.S. tested it's first nuclear weapon it was not known whether the nuclear reaction would stop or not or whether it could continue until all life on earth was gone.

This is a little known scientific fact by the way.

But, on Maldek there were records of what happened in detail when the planet slowly destroyed itself when people screwed up with nuclear weapons.

This is basically what turned our ancestors planet Maldek into an asteroid belt 65 million years ago now. It is located out past Mars now as the asteroid belt.

One of the two opposing sides thought they would be cute and efficient by setting off 3 nuclear weapons in a triangle which they saw as strategic in winning their war.

HOWEVER, what they did was that these three nuclear weapons set off in a triangle caused something they didn't expect (which was the slow destruction of the entire planet).

The problem was that these three nuclear weapons set off at the three points of a triangle caused a lake nearby to fall into the magma of the planet because they blew off the mantle completely in an area of about 100 or more square miles.

So, when the lake suddenly drained into the magma of the planet it created explosive steam which blew off more and more of the mantle of the planet in the direction of the oceans.

Then as the ocean drained into the Magma of Maldek the planet was then doomed because it created a scenario where so much of the mantle blew off into space that the planet started to go out of balance like an out of balance top and started to wobble sort of and this created even more problems for people.

Eventually this blew so much of the atmosphere and mantle and oceans through steam out into space that people on some parts of the planet had no air to breathe and then they were televised in cities dying one by one or by the thousands or millions.

I was one of the last children born on the planet before the planet ended in a submarine capable of space travel that was parked on the bottom of the oceans for safety as one of the submarines of the opposing forces using nuclear weapons. So, after everyone died who didn't have a space device to escape in we then went to Mars. But, the damage to Mars from pieces of Maldek flying all over the solar system both in the form of ice and pieces of metal and earth or all combined didn't make Martians very happy to receive us.

So, eventually we moved to earth after a piece of Maldek was sent there by the Maldekian and Martian survivors sent it there so it would be more habitable for humanoids from this solar system and others by killing the largest dinosaurs over a several year nuclear winter period.

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