Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I think it's important to share as much truth as possible with mankind before you die


Because "Without enough Truth the people perish!"

And with someone like Trump as president we cannot help but live in a sea of lies, lies and more Lies!

And living with lies is how whole species go extinct.

For example, because Trump doesn't say he believes in Global Warming 1 or 2 billion either are going to die or not be born this century (which is one of the direct consequences of his lies already).

As a pre-cognitive psychic I'm not joking about this by the way. This is what is going to happen given all present day variables.

So, how many given present variables will still be alive in 2100?

At present I think at least 4 billion people likely will still be alive that weren't killed by global warming in 2100. But, that number is sure to drop to 2 or 1 billion or less by 2200. So, hopefully we won't go extinct by 2200 and there will still be some of us left on this planet or another.

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