Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Why owning a KLR 650 or other dualsport can be useful in times like this

Because you can drive around fallen trees when all the roads are closed in Northern California and Oregon and Washington. Unless you have spiked tires on your bike and cold weather riding clothes it might not work though in snowy conditions. But, in an emergency you can get out of places where wind and rain has brought down trees and closed all paved roads when you couldn't get out in other vehicles. So, having a dualsport is a great emergency vehicle to take you and one other person (or a series of people in an emergency out of danger.

If you don't know what a KLR 650 is it is an around the world all terrain Motorcycle with knobby tires. It has enough power and is relatively safe to take on a Freeway too and can travel all day if you want on a Freeway or country road at 65 to 75 miles per hour and go over almost any terrain. However, this bike is too bike to safely jump because it weighs

176 kg
 (388 lb) (dry) 196 kg (432 lb) (wet)

I have a 2009 blue, and black version that is an around the world dualsport bike. So, as long as you can pick up this bike when you drop it in the dirt you might be fine with rescuing yourself and others with it almost anywhere on earth.

Here are some pictures of this motorcycle:

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