Monday, February 25, 2019

What is Shapeshifting?

It is not what most people think. It is the ability to go inside someone's mind and make them see something different than what is actually physically happening. Though you usually cannot make someone invisible this way because the brain senses someone or something alive  there, you can make someone see something different than what is before them.

This is an ability more common than you might think on this and most other planets. The best ability for doing this is not among human beings but among Bigfoot and Yeti even though some medicine people (both male and female can do this) worldwide.

I used to study with Charlie Thom when he was alive who was a Karuk Medicine man in northern California. He would talk about his experiences with Bigfoot in a strange way of talking that had to do with how Medicine people communicate sometimes about these things. It's a way of telling a story that isn't what White people normally do in the U.S. But I understood why he was doing this. It was a way of sharing deeper knowledge than the ways white people generally communicate. You would have had to have been there to understand what I'm talking about.

So, in reality a Yeti or Bigfoot (two different types of the same thing).There might be 100 or more versions of this species worldwide by the way with each adapted to where they live on earth.

So, both a Yeti or a Bigfoot (if it was aware of you) could make you think they were a tree, a rock, a person or an animal you were seeing instead of them. Aliens from other planets often do this to here on earth. So, if you sense something unusual is going on in a city or town or in the wilderness, sometimes this is what actually is happening right in front of you. Some beings have this ability but also this has been developed as a technology on earth and beyond the earth likely for millions or even billions of years in this galaxy and others.

I had a friend in my 20s who liked to go into tall grass and to pretend in his mind he was grass. When he sent out the vibe that he was the tall grass no one could find him. This is the basic principle of this whole thing in some ways. So, Native Americans learned this first as a hunting trick so animals would not see them which would work if they came on their prey from the downwind side so the animals couldn't see them. Later it was used by scouts in battle and later still by the U.S. Army by Snipers especially to pretend to not be people or riflemen by disguising themselves as something else like Tall Grass or bushes or small trees. So, if you combine wearing a disguise with thinking you and vibing that you actually are that disguise, a human mind might not be able to find you because you are not broadcasting like a radio or TV that you are a human being but rather something else instead.

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