Thursday, February 28, 2019

What do you need to Believe to Stay alive for your family and friends and yourself?

People often make everything ONLY about Truth. But, here is my thought on this. Truth kills as much as it saves.

Let's say you know that someone is married to someone and they are having an affair on their husband or wife. And let's say you tell the person that they are being cheated on. And then that person kills themselves. Is it your fault that they are dead?

My view would be "Yes. You just killed your friend with the truth." But, you might have another point of view.

Could that person have lived out their lives believing their husband or wife was faithful to them?

Possibly. And would that have been better than telling them? Maybe. It's really hard to say.

So, in regard to literally everything in life it is just like this.

So, what I'm saying here is people ask the wrong questions and those questions often kill them or others.

Taking responsibility for all this is very very hard but if each of us doesn't then theoretically everyone could easily die from the truth and where would we be then?

So, for me, the important question becomes: "What do YOU need to believe to stay alive for your family and friends and yourselves?"

This is the question people actually need to ask if they don't want to self destruct consciously or unconsciously.

By God's Grace

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