Wednesday, February 27, 2019

People are very afraid of drones all over the world

IF you don't live in a free country like we have in the U.S. and Europe or places like Canada and Australia or New Zealand, drones with hellfire missiles are a terrifying thing indeed.

For example, how many missiles have been used by people already to kill rivals in any political or military arena on earth whether they were guilty of anything or not?

This awful truth is expanding every day on earth by the way because once any technology is produced like this it become stolen and copied in various ways and the hundreds dying now every month or year turns to thousands murdered without warning turns into millions murdered without warning.

All you need is someone's cell phone and it's gps to hone in on with a drone and you can kill anyone with that cell phone anywhere on earth. You just wait until their car is on a road out in the country away from people or they are taking a pee behind a boulder and they cease to exist because a hellfire missile just struck the top of their head and there is nothing left but blood spatter and a few shattered pieces of bones that birds and animals will be glad to eat up in the next week or month. In other words "That person or persons body or bodies will NEVER Be found!"

So YES, people should be very afraid of militarized drones than can literally evaporate a body into thin air with only blood spatter and a few bone fragments out in the middle of nowhere remaining.

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