Thursday, February 28, 2019

From 18 to 25 my motto often was: "Only the Truth"

And then I started noticing the truth was harming people's lives a lot. And then I had to rethink my attitude regarding the truth. I didn't want people to potentially self destruct just because I thought I should tell them the truth about everything.

This is the problem with being a young idealist. You just haven't thought everything through far enough yet. By my mid to late 20s I had realized that Compassion for all life in the universe was the most important thing. No two people can agree on the truth about just about anything anyway.

Look at Trump voters and the other 60% to 70% of Americans. They cannot agree on anything at all in case you haven't noticed. And this type of divergence these days can often be fatal the way the world works lately, not only here in the U.S. but also in other countries.

While Cohen Testifies and Trump consults with Kim Jong Un, the Hindu populist in India and the Muslim populist in Pakistan may just "accidentally" nuke 1 billion people or so unless China or someone else does something soon.

Trump isn't worth a shit regarding India and Pakistan nuking each other by the way. Now we need Clinton or Bush or Obama or Bush number 1 to prevent 1 billion people dying now. But all we have is a businessman named Trump trying to make money instead.

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