Tuesday, February 26, 2019

5 inches of rain so far north of San Francisco north of Golden Gate Bridge in just this storm

and the weather man says likely 5 more inches of rain  in this storm before it's done with and 4 to 6 feet of new snow in the Sierras too. Most of the Reservoirs are full to overflowing in the north state too so they likely will have to start letting water out to prevent dams from overtopping and the problems that could cause in the short and long run. When we are talking about about 50 feet of snow having come down so far in Mammoth you know this is a 1 of a kind winter so far with much more to come it looks like from the Atmospheric River presently nailing north of San Francisco over the Sierras to points east all the way to Europe and beyond.

It's starting to make some people nervous of something like the 1862 floods all over again. But, so Far we aren't there yet.

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