Monday, November 15, 2010

Disguising the Truth so people can deal with it

There are many truths that upset me in my life every day. So when I write often I will tell the truth in a format where people can be allowed to think it is fiction or science fiction when it might not be. Sometimes, I feel I need to let my truths out like a kettle about to boil. But then later within an hour or 24 hours I will notice (because I'm an intuitive) that someone freaked out by realizing what I'm writing might actually be a completely true commentary in every way.

So, the things that I leave at my blog are things that people can say in their minds, "Oh. That's an interesting idea! I'm glad it's just science fiction and not science fact." However, maybe 1 to 10 to 20 to 30 years later they will be ready for the truth and they will be prepared by having though about it in a philosophic or science fiction context and so because they are familiar with the concept they don't faint from it or have a heart attack when faced with the truth in their lives regarding something I'm writing about.

When I write I try to be sensitive to all kinds of people. However, to have any real meaning for me to write it has to be about something that I feel is worth my time to write about. So, if I'm writing about something it obviously has some meaning to me in my life or I wouldn't be writing about it at all.

However, I want what I write to be helpful in both the short run in the long run in  people's lives as much as possible. So if something I write upsets someone, often I will sense it since I am after all an intuitive and can often sense stuff like this on Earth and beyond. and then I just delete it or just unpublish it. Yes. I know that often leaves copies of what I write out there in people's hard drives and in servers around the world. But at least it isn't on my Blog site anymore. And usually people who go to the trouble to save something like that aren't people who are upset by what I write but are people who see the truth and can deal with it like I do. One must be brave to face the deep truths in life. But if at least some of us aren't brave enough to face the truths of life, how can the human race hope to survive and not go extinct?

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