Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Many Languages of Reality

There ARE people I suppose in which there is only one language of reality and so to comprehend what I'm saying might be difficult for you. So, if where you live everyone thinks exactly like you and goes to the same church and only speaks the language that you speak then it might be difficult for you to make full sense of this.

However, probably because I grew up mostly in coastal Southern California in San Diego and Los Angeles Counties and always knew people from many different cultures all over the world in the public schools I attended and because Southern California is nothing if it is not multicultural and multicultural in many ways even when I grew up multicultural in a more accepting and tolerant way than anywhere else on earth that I know of in the 1950s and 1960s, I tended to see myself as a citizen of Earth as much as a Californian or U.S. Citizen. And so, because of that I see the world as many many cultures that are all a part of me as a person. Even though this person that I am is also a patriotic American and Californian and even Coastal Californian in the way I view myself.

So, as I try to write both here at:

dragonofcompassion - Home

which is my archive site. I try to write as a citizen of Earth and of the Universe so as not to exclude anyone. Because I know personally what it is like to be a religious minority growing up. Once you grow up as a minority and feel afraid of people with different beliefs as a child, you never forget that. So as an adult I have always sought to include everyone who is kind and non-violent and it has always been very important to me not to exclude anyone because of religious or ethnic differences as long as they are non-violent and not a threat to my nation or family or friends.

So, when I wrote "Memories" which you can find at the above "dragonofcompassion-Home" word button above in 7 web pages and 11 parts there, it was 1980 when I started writing this in Mt. Shasta, California, which was a part of the area that my parents found to be sacred to them just like the Tetons in Wyoming according to the religion I was raised in which was and is somewhat similar to Christian Science at least in its positive thinking aspect and both being what I would call Christian Mystic in the form of the religion.

So, in beginning to write "Memories" it was for me an amazing experience. I had always written before but I began to write in a different way than before after I had had a Tibetan Buddhist initiation called "The Thousand Buddhas Empowerment" by a Tibetan Lama.

Looking back now I realize I was remembering past lives of myself and soul friends in the past, present and future. But at that time I didn't understand fully what exactly I was writing. In fact, I thought then I was just writing Science Fiction that healed my soul to write. I kept having these really amazing healing experiences as I wrote this stuff both internally in my spirit and mind and then externally physically. So, I continued to write as it  seemed just so very powerful that I kept writing this stuff when I had free time and wasn't busy running a business or raising my kids or other stuff that needed to be done. So, the idea of actually making money selling what I wrote was never really the purpose of my writing. My purpose was to heal myself, spiritually and deeply and physically from many painful experiences in my life as an adult and as a child growing up.

Well, it worked to write all this because over time it all became like a Bible to me of my experience of the universe in multiple lifetimes of myself and others. It wasn't until 1998 and 1999 that when I almost died for 7 months that I fully realized what I had been writing. I had been writing an actual chronicle of my past lives in the past, present and future. But when I first started writing I didn't believe that one could have already lived lives in the future before being born in the present. However, I do now. This was quite a quantum jump in awareness for me to make. So what I write is really (in my experience) never science fiction. But I also realize that it might be necessary for you to think it is so you don't freak out at all the implications included here in my writings. However, if you are aware enough to understand that it is likely all true then so much the better for you. So, what I have written is my own personal Bible that God has allowed me to share with you in my writings. 

My belief is that God almost killed me for 7 months so I would begin to share my amazing intuitive and physical experiences with God all my life.

Let me say that again, "God so much wanted me to share all this with you so much that he had to almost kill me for 7 months to get me to share it all with you." That was 12 years ago now and I'm still here sharing what God wishes with all of you.


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