Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will Any Nation State survive the next 100 Years?

I'm asking an important question because all one has to do is to look at places like Somalia and what has been going on the last 20 years or more there to begin to get what I'm talking about. Now, add to that Iceland, Greece, now Ireland, possibly Portugal and Spain and the possible end of the European Union. Now you see the unraveling of the nation states worldwide. If nation states go what will they be replaced with?

I don't have answers but globalization is changing every way we function as worldwide societies. Some nations like China, India, and Brazil and possibly even Germany if the European Union and Euro don't take them down might be okay in the long run.

But, the fundamental question I must ask is still, "Will any nation state at all survive globalization and global climate change?" I don't know but if any of us live long enough we are sure to find out.

I'm not trying to offend anyone. I'm just trying to be realistic about what is happening on earth at this time. It appears to me that economic forces are tearing apart all nations. And these economic forces come directly from unregulated financial transactions. These unregulated financial transactions should not be financed by governments, because these transactions could be perceived as criminal in nature when they are perpetrated on or against governments.

Until Governments let their banks and financial institutions go under like Iceland did, I don't think any nation on earth can long survive the economic criminal activities of all financial institutions. Until enough citizens of nations understand this one point, their nations are over! I don't have the solution completely but I can see the problem and it is ongoing unregulated economic criminal activity worldwide! Until this sort of thing is both regulated and fiercely enforced no nation state can long survive this back room unlimited stakes poker game among financial wizards world wide!

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