Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time and Space is Constantly Changing

Though the statement itself "Time and Space is constantly changing" might be able to be accepted by all logical and scientific people everywhere, if I said to you, something that happens because of the above statement many would disagree with me. and this statement, "All times and all spaces are constantly changing" many of you would automatically disagree with that statement, even though it automatically follows from the first statement.

So, what I'm stating to you is that it is my experience that for those of us like myself who reincarnate as humans or other types of beings in the past, present and future (all three) it is my experience that the past, present and future are constantly changing.

Yes. If one hasn't experienced or (can't remember) they don't then have the experience first hand to witness this to you. However,  history as we know it  only happened once that way and if we returned to history at any point through reincarnation or time travel (either in consciousness or physically and usually both) we would then (and do) change that history past, present, or future.

So, I guess what I'm saying to you is that all things that have happened or will happen or are happening tend to change eventually from what we remember to something else. I think that is why the Tibetan Sand paintings and the meditation on impermanence is so very important. Because to actually understand how everything changes including past, present and future time would be very unsettling otherwise.

If any of this bothers you just go back to perceiving things the way you once did as that can be more comforting than being told that scientifically and experiencially speaking everything is constantly changing in time and space and never stops changing.

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